Ultra robust, ultra precise

mecorad’s level series is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. Even directly above a mold, tundish or ladle, the ultra robust sensor accurately measures levels and freeboard reliably in real time.





Use of the level series

The level series is set up to give you precise real-time information on levels or freeboard of hot metals and slags. Via the integrated Modbus/TCP interface measurement results are communicated directly to the PLC.


The level series works accurately and with low maintenance even under extreme heat, dust, thermal radiance or molten metal sparks up to a distance of 25.000mm. A variable opening angle of min. +-2° is suitable even for narrow viewing channels to the liquid. Micrometer accuracy for highest precision levels is available.



Due to its robust design, protected housing at IP 68 rating and available cooling options, mirrors or ceramic shields, the level series can be gauge right above the ladle or tundish. The sensor can easily be adapted to existing installations. Drillings on the back and  on the base of the housing support fast installation.

Technical Data

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Measurement principle FMCW-Radar
Band 122 GHz-band ISM, 0,9 GHz bandwidth
Transmitting power *<2mW
Measurement rate approx. 100 Hz
Object detection time/ Release time approx. 100 ms
Measurement angle approx. +/- 2°
Operation temperature -20…70°C
Distance to detection object from 200 mm up to 5000 mm
Power consumption approx. 6 Watt
Interfaces 1x RJ-45 with PoE
Power supply *PoE
Communication ModbusTCP interface, 2x Relay-contact
Housing material AlMgSi1
Front plate PTFE or ceramic
Housing protection IP68
Certification CE
Sensor Dimensions 131x130x74,5 mm
Sensor Weight 1.500 g
Mounting 4x M6x1 depth 8 on the backside
2x M6x1 depth 6 on the bottom

1 stable up to 260°C

2 stable up to > 1400°C

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