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Fabrication 2.0 ready solutions

We at mecorad offer in-line measurement & optimization for hot metals forming of steel and metals. We help operators of metalworking plants to realize higher quality of products, reduce loss in production and to connect their production facilities internally & along their value chain

wtl / Solutions

We have the right solution

Measurement under harshest conditions, such as extreme heat & thermal radiance as well as dust or aerosols blocking the view, is at the prime of our competences. We achieve sub-millimeter accuracy in real-time at any process step using our radar-based measurement technology. Our sensors were developed to measure geometries in the metal forming industries without the need for complex measurement bows.

State-of-the-art IT architecture running our solutions is the key for our customers to achieve Fabrication 2.0 in their processes. We have designed an environment for the fusion with other sensors’ data to deliver superb quality of products and reduce production costs with our applications. It is flexible, expandable and can be interconnected into any system. 

cerec / AI solutions

Artificial Intelligence meets Industry

Most of the regular tasks, even for different use cases, can be combined, automated or optimized to generate superbly performing processes. For our customers this means they are able to track and monitor different states of their production at any time and depth.

With this in mind, we are developing cerec. As an autonomous process it assists the workforce in these regular tasks and enables them to communicate states in real time.   

Radar solutions

At mecorad we use millimeter wave radar technology to achieve highest precision for our customers. Distances, thickness, width, length or levels can be determined where competing technologies come to their limits. We measure through ceramics and many kinds of heat insulations so that temperature is no issue and thermal bridges do not occur.

The wtl series is our new range of solutions for the hot rolling line. Our solutions guarantee scalability and highest flexibility of the layout and measurement distance to achieve the best performance for you. 

Toughest measurement situations don’t just appear in the hot rolling line. We can reference use cases proven at some of Europe’s most sophisticated steel producers where we cover situations such as continuous casting or hot metal detection with exactness unequaled so far.

Connect with us and transform your business

Get in touch with us to receive further information. Either as a general request or detail your use cases and issues so that we can show you how our products and services can enhance your business. 

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