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wtl series is based on state-of-the-art IT and radar technology. Even under conditions of extreme heat, thermal radiance, dust or aerosols our IIoT solution achieves sub-millimeter measurement accuracy where conventional optical or laser sensor technologies reach their limits.

wtl series works perfectly in your hot metal forming processes, because

it´s designed for harshest conditions
it measures reliably in extreme heat, dust, smoke, fog, spray,...
it measures at sub-millimeter accuracy
it is free of harmful radiation
it is usable with a highly flexible distance to the measurement object
there is no need for complex measurement bows
it is modular adaptable regarding number and position of the sensors
it has low maintenance
it is an IIoT solution reaching far beyond the capabilities of a measurement system

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What is your measurement task?

Our modular solution guarantees technical scalability as well as the highest flexibility of the layout and measurement distance to achieve the best performance for you. It can be used in a wide range of applications to improve yield and resource efficiency.

In-line measurement & optimization

wtl series is an IIoT solution. It measures at any process step in real-time, analyzes & optimizes processes with our applications and connects information into any of the customer’s systems.

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Andreas Heutz

Andreas Heutz
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Cagdas Ünlüer
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Dr. Marc Banaszak
CEO/ Founder

Dr. Marc Banaszak

mecorad´s vision is a smoothly running steel and metal industry.

We are convinced that an efficient use of resources is essential to meet the growing needs of increasing urbanization. That is why we are on tour way to automate for precise inline operations.
With a clear focus on your production results and by using state-of-the-art radar and IT technology, our solutions can help you make your processes more precise and support your employees.

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