In-line intervention for casting processes

While existing systems only check the dimensional accuracy at the end of the straightening zone, mecorad´s wtl series for continuous casting provides precise and robust geometrical information of slab casting processes directly from below the mold exit in the cooling zone.

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Earliest possible measurement

With wtl series for continuous casting, mecorad succeeds in measuring the width of the cast strand from immediately after the mold exit in the secondary cooling zone, where the surface of the red-hot strand is just solidifying.  Accuracy of measured width is well below one millimeter.

Enabling inline-interventions

The data determined is processed real-time by mecorad´s intelligent software application and can be connected via interfaces into the customers applications. This direct feedback means that the casting process can be far better matched to the tolerances to be maintained. Time-consuming reworking, as well as material- and thus cost-intensive overcasting, are significantly reduced. The measured values generated also allow casting models to be further improved and compared across plants.


Components and Enhancements

The wtl series for continuous casting comes along with two sensors (IP 68) and a process unit. Due to heat protection the solution can be installed close to the casting strand. Measurement through a tube is another option. The process unit can be placed at a distance of up to 100 meters.


Via Modbus/TCP the wtl series communicates with the PLC. More interfaces come along with the additional COM package: via TCP/IP, REST or MQTT information can be delivered further on to several recipients on multiple levels, in the plant and also beyond.


Technical Data

Find out more about the continuous casting series in the technical data:

Scope of delivery Sensor pairs, calculation unit, power supply
Number of sensors connected to a system 2
Sensor housing materia Stainless Steel
Process Unit Delivery Switch cabinet or protected housing1
Protection IP 68
Certification CE
Power 230 VAC / 50 Hz
110 VAC/ 60 Hz for U.S. Market available
Measurement principle FMCW-Radar
Sensor pairs SiGe RadarChip
Band 122 GHz-band ISM, 0,9 GHz bandwidth; further bandwidth on request
Data fusion High-performance embedded system
Communication Modbus TCP
Measurement rate - sensor 65 Hz default

1 stable up to 260°C

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