Demonstrator installated in our office in Chemnitz

Usually, our IIoT solution wtl series works in rough surroundings of hot rolling mills or integrated steel plants. In this picture, four of our radar sensors are modularly arranged on our demonstrator in our office in Chemnitz to showcase the measurement of width and thickness.

This is the smallest possible setup for measuring geometric data of hot metal forming goods. Results are delivered in real time directly to a display or into PLC for in-line interventions, or even directly into the IT sphere of a customer. With our IIoT applications information can be integrated into any of the customer’s systems.

The demonstrator is part of our MEP grant, supporting the start of the wtl series for rolling lines. The funds come from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the budget of the Free State of Saxony decided by the Saxon State Parliament.

Funding information