mecorad expands business in North America

mecorad established its business in the United States in April 2024, following the operations of mecorad GmbH in Germany that began in 2018.

On April 2, 2024, mecorad Inc. was established to serve steel and metals producers in North America. The decision to enter the American and Canadian market was made after exploring the market at the AISTech trade fair for two years. Marc Banaszak, CEO of mecorad Inc., says that it was clear that their US customers deserved them to be fully present in the market. There is huge demand for their solutions in North America, and there is a large potential for growth due to the private and governmental investments into growing digitalization and data analytics in the steel industry in the US and Canada. mecorad’s radar sensor platform 1224 is fully FCC compliant and registered for free use in the United States. It can capture digital information about shapes, geometries, distances, levels and presence of material reliably and highly accurately, even down to single micrometers, at any process step in the harshest conditions.

Utilizing state-of-the-art radar technology and industry 4.0 digitalization, the radar sensor platform 1224 provides solutions for both up and downstream processes in the hot steel and metal industry. In contrast to the typical radar sensor development process, all mecorad products were initially designed to withstand the toughest and most extreme conditions, meeting the industry’s demand for robustness. This includes advanced compensation mechanisms, like temperature adjustments, to prevent any result drift. Alongside the exclusive signal processing, the sensor technology offers both accuracy and precision, down to single micrometers. Additionally, mecorad’s single sensor and multiple sensor fusion solutions not only support the PLC but also allow connection to higher IT levels for instant use in advanced control and AI applications.

About mecorad 

mecorad offers customers in steel and metals production, hot-rolling and beyond, higher quality of products at lower production costs. Our patented radar-based plant digitalization solutions combine unparalleled accuracy with highest reliability and robustness under the toughest industrial conditions. At any process step, from the smelter to the finished product, we measure distances, levels and customer-specific dimensions, detect objects under any conditions, optimize these processes with our applications and connect into systems along the value chain.

mecorad Inc. address:

80 Pine Street, Floor 24
New York, NY 10005
Phone: 646-537-7638