Investor SBG onboarded

mecorad successfully onboarded a new investor. Saxony´s investment company SBG helps us to take our growth path to a higher level.

mecorad has great news to share: We successfully onboarded a new investor.
With Saxony´s investment company SBG we will take our growth path to a higher level.

The deal comes as the final achievement in the TUCLab from whom we received so much support over the last year in further developing our company and the wtl series – our IIoT radar-based and highly flexible measurement solution for hot metals forming.

Upon announcing this, we also want to say a big thank you to our current investor FTTF & EIT Raw Materials.
Their assessment of our technology and its benefit to our customers planted the seed of trust during due diligence. Especially the EIT Raw Materials Booster in response to the COVID-19 crisis has to be mentioned as greatly supportive in striking this latest deal.

Our wtl series proves its reliable measurements of geometries with micrometer accuracy under a steel mill’s harsh conditions, such as extreme heat, fumes, dirt and vibrations. By processing the data with our analytic software, it enables better process transparency and significant reductions in scrap waste and downtime. Thus, CO2 emissions for unnecessary heating of the material can be reduced whilst a higher quality of products is achieved at the same time during hot forming.

Find more about our partner SBG here.