Fundings for improvements in continuous casting processes

mecorads gets financial support by the “MEP programme” of the Free State of Saxony and the European Union. This funding scheme supports companies to introduce new innovations to the market and to shorten the time-to-market for innovative products. mecorad receives the MEP fundings for launching wtl series for continuous slab casting.


Our new development can provide geometrical information of slab casting processes directly from below the mould exit in the cooling zone.
While existing systems only check the dimensional accuracy at the end of the straightening zone, mecorad succeeds in measuring the width of the cast strand at a distance of around four metres below the mould level, while the surface of the red-hot strand is just solidifying.  Accuracy of measured width is well below one millimetre.

Furthermore, the determined data is processed real-time by mecorad´s intelligent software application and can be connected via interfaces into the customers applications. This direct feedback means that the casting process can be far better matched to the tolerances to be maintained. Time-consuming reworking, as well as material- and thus cost-intensive overcasting, are significantly reduced. The measured values generated also allow casting models to be further improved and compared across plants.

The new development was presented for the first time together with Aperam Châtelet Belgium at the European Steel Technology and Application Days 2021 in Stockholm.